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The body protector serves as shock protection, developed for the field of horse riders and persons working with horses and offers a large protection surface. According to the actual technology, this safety vest provides optimal protection against the consequences of an accident, reduces considerably the risks of injuries, yet such injuries cannot be prevented. The certified body protector absorbs to some extent the energy of the impact in case of a crash and thus reduces the danger of injuries. The body protector does not prevent accidents, and in case of crashes there is no 100% guarantee to avoid fractures and sprains, as well as eventual abrasion wounds and others. Always remember that no item of PPE can provide full protection and care must always be taken while carrying out the risk-relation activity.
Injuries cannot be entirely prevented by this body protector, but should be reduced in severity. Injuries will not be prevented in accidents involving severe torsion, flexion, extension or crushing of the body. Injuries of the spinal column cannot be avoided totally by wearing a PPE.
The manufacturer suggests to use this Safety Vest with other certified PPE intended to protect other parts of the body and suitable sports garments, e.g. a helmet.

This product is classed as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parlament and has been shown to comply with this Regulation through the Harmonised European Standard EN 13158:2018 – Level 3 (purple label). Level 3 has passed the heaviest impact test possible. There are three Levels of protection. The reason for this is that the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 requires manufacturers to make body protectors suitable for different activities and users. No Body Protector can prevent serious injury in certain accidents.
Level 1/Black label: Safety Vests providing a lower level of protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys.
Level 2/Brown label: Safety Vests providing a lower than normal level of protection that is only considered appropriate for use in low risk situations. These DO NOT include riding on roads or other hard surfaces, riding over jumps, riding young or excitable horses, or riding while still inexperienced.
Level 3/Purple label: Safety Vests providing a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitions and for working with horses.
Body Protectors to this level should:
- Prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain
- Reduce significant soft tissue injuries to the level of bruising
- Prevent a limited number of rib fractures.
- Reduce the impact on the spinal column.

The determination of the performance level according to EN 13158:2018 is done as follows: a flat impactor and a narrow bar impactor are dropped (impact energy 35 J for flat impactor and impact energy 45 J for narrow bar impactor) above onto the protector lying on an anvil with an integrated system to measure the remaining energy underneath the protector. This procedure simulates the hazards of falling to the ground and of being struck by a hoof or hitting a narrow pole. When a residual energy of max. 4kN is given, the back protector reaches the level 3.
No single value must exceed 6kN. The back protector has reached the performance level 3.
Note: the EN 13158:2018 provides 3 performance levels: level 3 offers the highest performances!

This garment is made to the Beta 2019 Horse Rider Body and Shoulder Protector Standard. Garments certified under this scheme meet all the requirements of EN 13158:2018. Manufacturers certified for the BETA Standard are also required to re-test their garments annually. This garment is labelled with BETA 2018 labels according to the level that is meets.
IT IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF SAFETY. Any alteration to the protector may mean that it no longer conforms to the Beta Standard.
By certification and classification of this product, BETA does not guarantee that body or shoulder protectors will prevent serious injury.

This body protector provides protection from impacts resulting from a fall from a horse (impacts against soft and hard ground, or objects such as trees, vehicles, post or rails. Fallen riders also risk being kicked, trodden on, or crushed by a horse). This body protector provides a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitions and for working with horses.

Komperdell: name of manufacturer
Safety Vest Frontzipper: name of article
Indication of the European Equestrian standard and the attained level.
CE: Indication of conformity of the PPE to the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (and later amendments);
Pictogram inviting the user to read the user manual
Pictogram for the indication of the size (expressed as a range in CM.
A–chest girth, B-waist girth, C-over-the-shoulder length)

When purchasing a new body protector, please make sure that you choose the correct size. This body protector was designed to be worn close to the body e.g. on top of a base layer. The fit is acceptable if it is not uncomfortably tight or excessively loose and if the body protector does not restrict your freedom of movement in the riding position. The body protector is designed to cover the whole circumference of the torso and the rib cage. The top of the body protector should reach the level of the seventh cervical vertebra (the prominent bone at the base of the neck). Choose your individual size of body protector based on the following size chart, based on which the body protector has passed the EC type examination: The width adjustability on this Safety Vest is integrated which means the vest adapts automatically to the users chest and waist girth for a limited degree according to the standard EN13158:2018. Before buying it, the body protector should be put on to check fitting.
The protector is inserted in an exactly positioned protector pocket in order to adapt a perfect position. In order to benefit fully from the protection offered by this body protector you should ensure that the fit of the garment meets the following criteria:
- no discomfort is caused by the garment when you are in your usual riding position and your freedom of movement is not restricted
- the impact protector is sited over the areas they are designed to protect.
Users have to ensure all fitting and closure devices are securely fastened before riding activity, and that the impact protectors fit close to the body but not too tight.
Warning: users have to avoid choosing too big protectors, this might result in dangerous riding situations.
The protection garment is adaptable in width on the side areas.

Following sizes are available:
Size chart Junior 4XS (128) 3XS (140) 2XS (152) XS (164)
A: Chest Girth 66-72 70-76 74-80 78-84
B: Waist Girth 58-64 62-68 66-72 70-76
C: Over-the-shoulder-length 60-66 64-70 68-74 72-78
Size chart Regular S M L XL
A: Chest Girth 84-90 88-94 92-98 96-102
B: Waist Girth 76-82 80-86 84-90 88-94
C: Over-the-shoulder-length 78-82 82-86 86-90 90-94
Size chart Slim Fit S M L
A: Chest Girth 82-86 86-90 90-94
B: Waist Girth 68-74 72-78 76-82
C: Over-the-shoulder-length 78-82 82-86 86-90

Store your body protector always on a hanger or in a flat laying position in a dry, well ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, away from direct heat sources and extreme temperatures. Do not place heavy items on top of the garment, neither when storing nor when transporting as this may cause damage of the close-cell foam protector. Transport the Safety Vest on a hanger.

The foam in your body protector is a thermo-elastic foam made of special chemical components. It is sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations. The function of the body protector is reduced of about 10 % at a temperature of 30°. Do not leave on the floor or under heavy items: it may lead to the protector becoming misshapen, ripped or damaged in some way.

The material properties of the protector vest allow a hand-wash cleaning up to 5 cycles (at 30° C, apply a mild detergent to the water, do not spin-dry & tumble-dry). Long-term the manufacturer recommends to use a damp cloth to remove any dirt on the protector. Do not dry-clean. Do not use any solvents or other chemical substances.

In case the vest shows damages after an accident in the protector area, the condition of the protector has to be checked. The foam layers of the protector perfectly absorb the impact energy but each hit reduces the function of the protector and might cause damages on the protection system. Therefore we recommend an exchange after each heavy crash to have an optimum shock absorption function in future. This body protector features detachable protection parts. A damaged protection part does not provide a reliable function anymore. The manufacturer recommends to replace the protection parts with new ones in case of damage and compression. We want to point out that the most effective reduction of the accident risk is a careful riding and a conscious assesment of risk. No body protector can prevent injuries and can guarantee full protection. We want to specifically express that the extreme change in weather and temperature conditions, the use of dissolvers or a manual change may influence the protection function of the body protector. Each modification or contamination of the body protector as well as abuse can reduce its performance in a dangerous way. We herewith declare, that the product does not contain any substances, which could cause any harm to your health. For complementary information please contact the manufacturer. Recycle the body protector at the recycling centre if it is not usable anymore. Dispose of end used protectors according to your local laws regarding environment safeguard.

KOMPERDELL Sportartikel GmbH warrants that the product will meet the specifications stated in the instructions and KOMPERDELL Sportartikel GmbH agrees to replace the product free of charge if the product does not conform to the specifications. Notice for replacement must be given within 60 days of the discovery of the defect. In consideration of the above promises by KOMPERDELL Sportartikel GmbH, the buyer agrees to and accepts the following conditions: That this warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. That all warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose are hereby excluded and/or waived. That the buyer‘s sole remedy shall be to obtain replacement of the product free of charge from Komperdell Sportartikel GmbH; and that this remedy is in lieu of all other remedies or claims for damages, consequential or otherwise, which the buyer may have against KOMPERDELL Sportartikel GmbH. KOMPERDELL Sportartikel GmbH shall have no liability for any loss or injury caused, in whole or in part, by its actions, omissions, or negligence, or for contingencies beyond its control; KOMPERDELL Sportartikel GmbH is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipping. During the warranty period the unit will be repaired or replaced by Komperdell Sportartikel GmbH at no charge as long as the unit has not suffered accidental damage, abuse, abnormal wear and tear, or misapplication. Such damage will be repaired at the purchaser‘s expense. Opening or altering the product in any away voids this warranty. The warranty extends only to you, the original purchaser. It is not transferable to anyone who subsequently purchases the product from you.
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