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  • Discover:

    Let us inspire you! Visit our Homepage, or chat with us directly. We are always there for you at our Transparent Workshop, at local shows and exhibitions, or on our hotline.

  • Book a fitting:

    Whether it's a Stübben fitter or one of our dealers, we are able to help you make the right contact through our booking form.

  • Custom Saddle Fitting:

    With our full saddle collection, we would visit to fit both horse and rider, and for you to select your saddle of choice. After a test ride, your unique Stübben saddle can be ordered together with one of our saddle experts.

  • Custom Made in Europe:

    Today our saddles are produced individually for every customer and their horse. We manufacture all saddles and leather accessories in-house. The saddles come from our workshops in Switzerland and Germany, and all our leather accessories from Spain. All our high quality raw materials that we use are of European origin.

  • Time to Ride:

    Production of your customised saddle normally takes 6-8 weeks. Your brand new saddle will be delivered to you directly, your saddle fitter will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. After a further 6 -8 weeks the saddle will be checked free of charge and flocking adjusted if necessary.

Preferred date?
Preferred date?

Schedule your individual saddle fitting date. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss any further details. We are looking forward to working with you!


Fit & Balance - our custom approach :

The ultimate goal is to fit the saddle in balance on the horse’s back. This balance is achieved only when the horse, saddle, and rider are taken into consideration together. Our service and products are built on the knowledge from 125 years of experience.

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Our saddle tree:

 Our saddle tree is the heart of every Stübben saddle and offers functionality like no other. Wither-protection, shock-absorption, and seat-flexibility comprise a unique combination of comfort and durability that can be found only with Stübben. Of course, the tree width is adjustable as well.

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Our leather and materials selection:

What makes us different is our complete dedication to uncompromising quality. This is reflected in our choice of raw materials and through all steps of processing. Hence, the leather we utilize is eco-friendly to manufacture, up to 25% lighter and durable for longtime use. And there’s more - discover our olive leather!

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Stübben custom-made

Choosing Stübben custom-made means not only having the perfect fit for you and your horse but also having your dream saddle designed individually and exclusively for you.

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Stübben Styles 

Da zu viele Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten den Entscheidungsprozess manchmal erschweren, haben wir unser Designspektrum um die einzigartigen und wunderschönen Stübben Styles erweitert. Die Kollektion umfasst insgesamt 20 Stübben Styles und ist für alle Sattelmodelle erhältlich. Aus Anerkennung für unsere athletischen Zwei- und Vierbeiner, haben wir die Styles nach den Austragungsorten der olympischen Sommerspiele benannt.

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