Our saddle tree



We have designed our gullet irons with not one but two pieces of steel Why is this? Because the safety of the horse is of utmost importance. Protecting the horses withers is essential. Especially in show jumping where there is a lot of force on the gullet iron during take off and landing. In order to protect the horses withers we have designed a corrugated iron for extra strength. Never the less it is still possible to adjust the angle of the tree points if necessary.



The flexibility in the seat is a result of two opposing forces of the webbing and the steel spring. This process of tensioning allows the tree to be flexible yet always return to its true position. For the horse, this unique flexibility allows the riders weight to being absorbed and evenly distributed on the horses back. Unlike rigid trees such as carbon and wood, it allows the rider to effectively communicate with the horse while giving effective riding aids. Our tree is recommended by horse health professionals for these reasons.


Stirrup Bar

Recessed stirrup bars that are rust free are another important feature in all of our trees. The stirrup bars are designed so that the stirrup leathers do not harm or cause discomfort to horse or rider. In the unexpected event of a fall from the horse the safety mechanism of the stirrup bar releases the stirrup leather.


Rider Comfort

To make the seat as comfortable as possible for the rider, we use many various seat and foam material combinations. Each seat is constructed by hand with these materials to the customers specific requirements. The rider has several options in choosing seat comfort including standard, extra soft and Biomex. How soft the seat should be is the rider’s decision. The patented Biomex technology helps to alleviate any discomfort for the riders back and tailbone. Keep in mind the softer the seat the higher the chance of wrinkles, the firmer the seat the better the communication with your horse, it’s up to you. With proper care, using Stubben Hamanol and Soap you can help reduce the chance of the saddle wrinkling. The perfect balance of strength and flexibility in the saddle will be achieved with a Stubben spring tree.