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With the revised state of the art Back Protector Pro, Stübben is setting new standards. Together with the leading manufacturer in the field of protector waistcoats for motorcyclists, skiers and boarders, Stübben has revised and optimised its existing protector range. With the Back Protector Pro, Stübben presents a modern, flexible back protector that in the event of a fall, the rider is protected in the area of the spine as well as in the rib area. The Back Protector Pro is characterised by its sandwich construction, the thermo-elastic foams contribute to an even distribution of the impact force over the entire surface and thus minimise the risk of injury to the spine to a minimum. The Back Protector Pro not only impresses with its high safety standards, but also reassures with its excellent fit. The Pro Back Protector is one of the lightest Level 2 protectors, thus offering the rider the greatest possible freedom of movement during use. Visually striking is its understated but cool design. Black in black with blue highlights, riders are perfectly dressed for every occasion. As a special feature, all adult protectors are equipped with a small, closable zip pocket on the right side.

USE The protector offers protection against blunt trauma when used and aligned correctly. It can also reduce or prevent injuries such as abrasions and bruises in the spine and rib areas. We would like to point out that back protectors however cannot completely exclude injuries. The Pro back protector should be worn as close to the body as possible. It adapts to the contours of the body through body heat and thus offers a secure fit with maximum wearing comfort. The Stübben Back Protector Prois certified according to motorbike standard EN 1621-2. The protectors are considered category 2 PPE and offer protection for medium risks. We recommend replacing the back protector after approx. 5 years, provided it is treated properly.
FIT In order for the Pro back protector to provide the rider with optimum safety, we recommend that it is worn as close to the body as possible.
SAFETY NOTE The protectors must be correctly aligned in the pockets provided. Please observe the marking on the protectors. The protective effect of the protector may be impaired below 5°C (-10° for appropriately tested models). The protectors must be checked regularly, especially after a fall, for visible damage and replaced if defective. Modifications or incorrect use can severely impair the protective effect. The Pro back protector is assigned to protection level 2.
CLEANING The protector can be hand washed up to 5 times using a mild detergent (at 30°C, do not spin dry, do not dry). Please ensure that the protector inserts are back in their original positions after washing. In the longer term, the manufacturer recommends removing any dirt on the protector with a damp cloth. Please do not use solvents or other chemical substances for cleaning.
ADVANTAGES IN OVERVIEW: • CE-approved spinal protection (according to motorbike standard EN 1621-2, Level 2)
• Highly effective protection for spine and coccyx
• Additional protection in the rib area
• Several times awarded as test winner in motorbike and alpine sports
• Perfect fit due to thermoelastic, breathable foams in sandwich construction, which adapt to the contours of the body through body heat
• Maximum wearing comfort and optimal handling with high freedom of movement
• Ideal to combine with a riding jacket
• Easy to clean
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