Emily Harris

  1. The Stübben Freedom bridle

    I will be totally honest and say I was dubious about the Freedom bridle at first. As a bit of a traditionalist, I wasn’t certain that it offered much more than the classic bridle shape. In fact, I’m ashamed to say that it sat in the tack room for a little while until I finally decided I really ought to try it.

    How it is to ride with the Freedom Bridle and what Emily thinks about the Freedom Bridle, you can find out here in the Blog.

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  2. Emily’s Blog – Saddle fitting the Stübben way

    Saddles and saddle fitting are such personal things. Everyone is shaped differently, rides differently, and has different priorities for their saddles. On top of that, it is vital that the saddle helps the horse stay comfortable and have maximum freedom in the paces and exercises.

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    Find out more about the fitting here in the blog

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